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What should be the first topic of our new blog section? What is so important that every guest researches before getting here? Oh, we know. Weather. We should write about Zadar weather. That’s right. Weather in Zadar is a perfect topic to start with. As weather is one of the most important factors when deciding where to go for your vacation we will introduce you to all the benefits of mild Mediterranean climate that is making Zadar and Dalmatia your perfect vacation destination from mid March until mid November.

Being surrounded by Mediterranean sea, Zadar weather is characterized by soft Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, humid summers. It means that on average you can expect to have temperatures from 11 degrees Celsius in March up to 25 degrees on average in August. It is very often occasion that temperatures reach over 30 degrees Celsius during July and August. Perfect excuse to spend most of your days chilling out next to and in the sea, isn’t it 🙂 As BonaMare house is literally few steps away from the Adriatic, it won’t be tough task for you.

Period from March to June and from September to November are perfect for all those who want to enjoy days full of sun and explore the natural and historical beauties of Zadar region without all the hustle and bustle that is hard to avoid during high-season months like July and August. With more than 11 hours of daily sunshine during April and May those low-season months are a perfect time to truly relax and watch how cities along the Croatian coast are slowly wakening up and preparing for yet another summer season full of tourists. Regardless of whether you want to visit National parks of Croatia (and there are 4 of them in the close proximity of BonaMare apartments), enjoy breathtaking Mediterranean cuisine in Zadar restaurants or you just want to indulge the true sensation of the sea, those low-season months are perfect pick from crowd-less, weather and cost-effective point of view. And if you are coming from one of the Scandinavian countries weather conditions in those months would be even good enough to swim in the sea every day 🙂



The graphs above show some Zadar weather averages that should help you when planning your vacation in Zadar region. As direct flights from many European cities to Zadar airport start usually from March, reaching Zadar will be easy for all those low-seasoners as well as for  safe-players who choose to visit Zadar only when temperatures are way higher than 20 degree Celsius.

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